Create a forum channel


	{name=Forum name}
	{topic=Forum topic and guidelines (optional)}
	{layout=Forum Layout (optional)}
	{category=Forum category (optional)}
	{position=Forum position in the category (optional)}
	{default_reaction=Post's default reaction (optional)}
	{tag_required=Whether tag is required or not when adding post (optional)}
	{sort=sorting order of the posts(optional)}
	{archive=When auto-archive inactive post (optional)}
	{nsfw=age restriction of forum (optional)}
	{post_ratelimit=Post creations ratelimit (optional)}
	{message_ratelimit=Post messages ratelimit (optional)}
	{reason=Creation Reason for audit log (optional)}
	{tag=available tags in the post (optional)}
	{moderator_tag=available tags only for moderators}
	{return_id=Whether return the created forum id or not}

Layout values:

it accepts 2 types: list or gallery

Sort Order values:

it accepts 2 types: creation or activity

Tag values:

It accepts 2 formats: <emoji> <name> or <name> only

Auto-archive Inactive post:

It accepts only 7 durations: 1h, 1d, 3d, 7d


{tag=❤️ Love}

You can repeat {tag} or {moderator_tag} as many as you want, but keep it within 20 tags (combined) otherwise discord will not accept it.


	{topic=Tell us your honest opinions}
	{tag=In Life}
	{tag=In Work}
	{tag=In Society}