creates a Discord Button with a label ,color ,id or link button

Creating Button

Code: $button[B;green;id]

Creating Button with emoji

Code: $button[emoji;red;id;🚚] or with custom emoji $button[emoji;red;id;$customEmoji[emojiname]]

Code: $button[B;url;https://example.com]


style can be a color(red, green, blurple, gray/grey) or style=url for link


A Message can include max 5 rows and upto 25 buttons Id of buttons can't be same.

Do you want to add a button inside a Function as paramter like $sendmessage[text]

Use: {button:label:style:emoji:id:newLine(yes/no)}

You don't have a emoji in inline button? Solution: You can keep parameters empty like {button:Test:red::btnid}

Please be aware!!

If you add any : in this function it will error! Check out this

Link escapes are needed, use \ to escape characters. Read me to see more


Using the button as trigger check here to learn more.

Function difficulty: Medium
Tags: button component