Simple Slash Command: Confession

In this guide, you will learn how to make a simple slash command called /confess, where user can use to send a confession in a beautiful embed like this:

1. Create a command

The first step is to create a new command slash command:

2. Responding To Code

Next, Let's write the code that will respond when user run the slash command:

  • Head to your server in dashboardopen in new window
  • Click Manage Your Commands
  • Click Create
  • In Command Settings, Select Trigger Type to be "Slash Command", then select /confess
  • For Code:
    • To respond to user, you can do so with $interactionReply[message] where message is the text you would like to display:

    For example: $interactionReply[Hello World]

    • To receive user input of confession, we can use $getOption[option name], where option name is same option name we used while building the slash command which is message

    For example: $getOption[message]

    • So we would combine both and code would look like:
$interactionReply[Your confession is


3. Output (Normal Message)

That is all, let's test it out 🤩

It works :happy:! but... what about making the respond into a beautiful embed?

4. Modify Code To Respond With Embed

To build an embed, we need to use curl message. Curl Message is a way for you to build an embed in place of message input for example to set up an embed with description and title we will use:

{desc:My embed description}
{title:My embed title}

You can see the full list here

So, We will modify the message content of $interactionReply and use the curl message format, code would look like:


{title:$username's confession}

5. Output (Message With Embed)

Let's test again!

Congratulations, You made a functional slash command 🎉!

Of course, this might be simple. but it's good start!