Slash Command

Basic Information

This trigger type, will trigger when a user uses a slash command. This needs to be a slash command from the bot!

Creating a slash command

Go to the slash command build page and create a new slash command!

Slash Command Builder

Every slash command needs a name, a description.

Slash command options are like argument in message command.

Slash Command options

In Option List you can add a new option by selecting its type.

Every option has a name, a description and a type. You can set it,if the option is required or optional.

Option type

Option validates that you can only select the correct type.

  • ROLE
  • USER

Example Type USER: User can only provide a user .It is not possible to provide text or invalid input.

Option Choices

String and Number type supports choices.If you provide choices,the user can only select those and can't provide any custom text/number.

Creating a Custom Command

Go to the custom command build page and create a new custom command! Then navigate to the custom command editor by clicking on the edit button. Change the triggertype to slash_command and fill in the trigger field with the name of the command.

Retriving Options

You can retrieve the options by using the following function $getCommandOption