edit an existing post in forum channel


	{post_id=Post ID}
	{title=New Post title}
	{content=New Post Content (only if bot is author)}
	{archive=Auto-archive duration}
	{message_ratelimit=how often messages can be sent}
	{locked=is post locked? (yes/no)}
	{closed=is post closed? (yes/no)}
	{pinned=is post pinned? (yes/no)}
	{reason=reason for audit log}
	{tag=Add Tag1}
	{tag=Add Tag2}...
	{remove_tag=Remove Tag3}
	{remove_tag=Remove Tag4}...

Auto-archive Inactive post:

It accepts only 7 durations: 1h, 1d, 3d, 7d

Locked/Closed/Pinned Values:

They accept: yes or no

Tag values:

It accept the tag names only, if not valid will be ignored.

Post Content:

It accept embed and curl format like\

	{desc:Embed description}
	{title:Embed Title}

Example (Lock , Add Tag Inactive, Remove Tag Active):