This function is used to count the number of times a specific element appears in an array.
It takes three parameters: the element to count, whether or not to trim whitespace before comparing elements, and the name of the array to search


$arrayElementCount[Element To Count;Trim before compare (yes/no);array name]


!!exec $arrayCreate[Mido/Rake/Mido/Rake/Rake/Azz/Faj;/]
Rake repeated $arrayElementCount[Rake] times
Mido repeated $arrayElementCount[Mido] times
Azz repeated $arrayElementCount[Azz] times
Faj repeated $arrayElementCount[Faj] times

Custom Command Bot 05/28/2024
Rake repeated 3 times
Mido repeated 2 times
Azz repeated 1 times
Faj repeated 1 times