Basic Information

Library is one of the unique triggers, that doesn't get triggered automatically but only by you (the designer)

it helps you execute a code by calling $includeLibrary[Library name]

the goal of this trigger, is simply sharing a code or functions between custom commands (you will understand in the examples)


the value of this trigger is the Library name


Create your library that contains users informations

note that the library name is users we will use it in next step.

Create a normal word command whois

First let's include the library, with $includeLibrary after including, we can directly use the object and retrieve some informations to display.


What is the point?

Here we only included this library in 1 commands what if we have 10 or 50 commands that uses these informations, you can easily use it without copy the user informations for each commands, besides if you plan to add a new user, with library you will only add it to the users library but without library, you would have to add the same users 50 times, to update every commands

that's demonstrate Library usefulness.

$includeLibrary: Include your library