Generates a leaderboard of a user variable and return it.

Usage: $userLeaderboard[variable;asc/desc (optional);{top}.- {username} - {value};list (optional, max=40);page (optional)]

Available Variables:

{top}returns the rank number
{value}returns the numerical value of the variable
{raw_value}returns the raw value in case it's not number
{id}returns the user id
{mention}returns the user mention
{username}returns the username
{nickname}returns the nickname
{tag}returns the tag like Mido#1234
{discriminator}returns the discriminator like 1234


  • desc: Will display all the top ranked member with the biggest numbers.
  • asc: Will display all the bottom ranked member with the lowest numbers.


To use this function your uservar must have nummeric values .

!!exec $setUserVar[money;100]
!!exec $userLeaderboard[money;asc;{top}.- {username} - {value}]
Custom Command Bot 05/28/2024
1.- Mido - 100

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