Main Information


Please follow the following rules:

  • Use the template for every function. Template can be found here
  • Please use correct English sentences. Swearing is forbidden
  • Make clear what you have changed when you make an pull request. Use an appropriate title & description
  • Make sure you make docs on functions you know well. You should prevent, in any way possible, that wrong information is pushed.

Editing existing or adding docs

You can edit pages in our github repo. You can click the edit page button for existing page.


Since the function doesn't exist,you have to create a file inside the specific folder in the repoopen in new window Example $botCount

  1. Check in to be sure,that nobody else already documented the function.
  2. Fork the [repo](
  3. Create a file in bot folder with name
  4. Use the template here and edit it.You can check current function files,if you need some inspiration.
  5. Save and Commit your File
  6. go to and move the function to done
  7. If you have done all your changes(add many function docs,not only 1 change), do a pull request,which we will review.

For extra information, please contact a moderator/ developer in our discord server!