Creates a scheduled event


	{name=Your event name}
	{type=Your event type i.e voice}
	{start=Start Timestamp}
	{end=End Timestamp}
	{desc=The event description (optional)}
	{channel=the event channel if type is voice/stage}
	{location=Your event location if type is external}
	{cover=Event Image (optional)}
	{return_id=whether to return the created event id or not (yes/no)}
	{reason=creation reason for audit log(optional)]

Event Type Values:

Type in {type=..} accepts voice, stage, external

Event Of Voice/Stage Type

in that case make sure to specify the type with {type=voice/stage} and the channel with {channel=Stage/Voice Channel ID}

External Event

You can make external event by specifying {type=external} and set the event location through {location=Your event location}


	{name=Anime Watch!}
	{desc=Today we gonna watch anime together!}]