to get an information about an event in the guild


$getEventInfo[event id;info type]
Info TypeDescriptionValue
idthe event idid like 123456789123456789
namethe event namename like My Cool Event
ownerthe user who created the eventuser id like 123456789123456789
creatoralias for owneruser id like 123456789123456789
channelthe channel where event is in only if the event type is voicechannel id like 123456789123456789 or undefined
descthe event descriptiondescription like This event is so cool!
start_timethe event start timetimestamp in millisecond
end_timethe event end timetimestamp in millisecond
statusthe event statusactive or scheduled
typethe event typevoice or external
locationthe location of the event only if the event type is external
coverthe event cover image if availableimage url or undefined
users_countthe count of users interested in the eventNumber
urlthe url of the eventLink
privacythe event privacyprivate or public


!!exec $getEventinfo[123456789123456789;name]

Custom Command Bot 05/28/2024
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