Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the bot has such high cooldowns?


Our bot is unique in it's sort. But sadly we aren't quite big enough yet, to get our raidimits decreased! Regarding to this, we sadly have to add cooldowns to functions and command executions. This to prevent a punishment from Discord Inc.

I don't see the "copy ID" option. Help!


Enable the developer mode on discord. This will give you all the required options!

Are there inbuild commands? Or do I have to code them all myself


You kind of need to... We only have some basic commands like !!purge & !!ban build in.

There are some commands that you can use to get a dashboard link and your total amount of votes. Read me to learn more

Why does my embed not sends correctly?


It's probably because you have a hyperlink in it...

How do I get an ID from a channel, user, message, thread or guild?



This is bugged in the web version of discord! You need to use the desktop client!

How do I use buttons?


What is a variable?


A variable is a place to store some data and get it back later. For example in another command!

Check out the variable category, to see all types available!