Custom Command Bot's Privacy Policy

Get detailed information here about our, your rights and other information.

Our Rights

  • Children under 13 years are not allowed to use our service

  • Any type of Selfbotting or Misusage of our Bot is strictly prohibited

  • Our Bot including Custom Bots can't be used to send/host Discussing Offensive/Controversial Material/Pirated content and NSFW Content.

  • You are not allowed to break the Discord TOS or third-party TOS.

Not following our rules can lead to a ban and, in the worst case, a detailed report to Discord. For example, (Scam Servers).

User Rights

  • Data Removal/Request: You can contact us to have your data deleted or requested.

    • (Server Owner)You can delete data yourself by deleting all Custom Commands and Variables.
    • (User) You can leave the server or contact us to opt-out
  • Content Removal The Bot and the website use third-party content like open source icons. As owner/maintainer, you have the right to request content removal.

  • Reports Every user has the right to report a server that misuses our bot.

Data we collect

  • Server ID for identifying data and storing functional data (for example, commands count)

  • Users work like commands content(code) We don't store any private data like other bots. Generally, we only store IDs of servers that are functional for the Bot.

  • Variables setted by yourself on a command. You can leave the server to opt-out.

New: Message Content Intent

Since the new approval of the discord message intent Useful information gets listed here.

  • We don't log out/save any type of message. If a user sends a message, a custom command with the specified trigger gets executed. So not every message triggers a custom command. In this way, your privacy stays protected.Moreover, we have cooldowns, where a command can only receive a message every 4s if the command has been triggered. With the command! !!view, you can view what type of commands the server uses.
  • You can always opt-out from our bot by leaving the server, and your data will be deleted within 15 days or immediately(~ 1-2 day) (you must contact us for this).

Data Retention

  • We regularly do backups(every 10 days). Old backups get overwritten.

For more detailed information about what "User ID","Session Cookies" are, look here in new window (difficult to read due to lawyer English)


All data is saved encrypted in our database. In this way, nobody can view the plain database (Example: on an exploit) without our salted token.

Contact Us

Generally,we recommend you contact us through our server to get a faster response.