Importing templates

Templates are codes made by the amazing community, including staff members, and especially the owner!

They can be effortlessly imported, and set up directly in the dashboard (no bot knowledge needed).

How to import a template?

  1. Go to the custom commands tab
  2. Click a yellow template button
  3. Find a template you want to import
  4. Select all commands of the template
Video 1

Guide part 1

  1. Configure the command (not for all templates)
  2. Wait for the template to import
  3. Read usage instructions
Video 2

Guide part 2

  1. Template will be imported as custom command(s)
  2. You can edit them at any time
Video 3

Guide part 3

Can I submit a template?

Of course! You can post your projects in the #code-sharing channel in the support serveropen in new window. The best ones are being added to the templates.