edit embed in given message


$editEmbed[channel id (optional);message id (optional);New data (curl);Embed Number (optional, default 1)]


Sending Dummy Embed

The embed message ID is 1091071622624051300 in this example

Editing the title

to edit the title we can do use {title:Your title}

Adding a field

to add a field to the embed, use {field:Name:Value:inline}

Editing a field

to edit a field, we can use {field:Name:Value:inline:field number to edit}

Edit multiple part of the embeds

you can edit multiple parts of the embed add once by adding them together like this:

{title:Your new title}
{description:Your new description}

List of Curl Message

{title:text}Editing a title
{url:link}Editing title's url
{footer:text:url}edit a footer
{description:text}edit a description
{desc:text}alias to {description}
{color:hex}edit a color of embed
{author:text:image url:link url}edit author
{thumbnail:url}edit thumbnail
{field:name:value:inline}add a field
{field:name:value:inline:field number}edit a field
{timestamp:ms}editing a timestamp
{image:url}displaying image