Custom Bot

You can find here how to setup custom bot. You need this if you have tier 3+ by redeeming it or by winning in our support server.

Steps (Only Once)

1. Go to Discord Dev Portalopen in new window

2. Create a new Application

3. Enter a name and press the create button

4. Go to Bot and click Add Bot

go to section bot

you can customize it if you want

5. Enable the intents

enable the intent

generating the invite link

7. Copy the Application ID and Token to your Clipboard

8. Go to the Dashboard and select the server where you want to have premium.

  • Then paste the copied Application ID and Token to Client ID and Token

9.Change the Prefix from !! to any of your choice

10.Press Save Bot and wait for few minutes, your bot should go online.

and that's it 🎉.