Discord Ratelimits

Ratelimits prevents misleading usage or abuse.Discord ratelimits are a way to prevent abuse of the API.Our Bot receives a lot of request,thats why we have decided to use our own cooldown system.

Function Cooldown

Every function has a cooldown, this is how long the bot will wait before or abort the execution of the function. You can retrieve the cooldown of a function by using the command !!func fname .

Function Limit

Functions with cooldowns can only be called 4 times in the code.

Execution Limits

The Bot supports up to 6 parallel executions of a custom command.

Execution Cooldown

There is a global cooldown for all custom commands. The Executor can only trigger command every 4 seconds.


Tier 3/4/5 allows you to run your own bot.Thats why limitations are removed.Your Bot runs isolated in a seperate process. Following Limits are removed:

  • Function Cooldown
  • Function Limit hardcapped to 20 calls
  • Execution Limits hardcapped to 60 parallel executions
  • Execution Cooldown hardcapped to 0.5 seconds