Since our bot is very advanced, everyone faces there own problems. Because of this, we made a section, with some common problems. Sorted from most common to less common

The problem is the title, the answer is below it & after the question is the trigger type:

My command does not trigger Word

Have you set the minimum permission for the command execution to None?

  • No: change it, press save & try again

  • Yes: check if your trigger contains any special characters

The bot failed to assign a role

Follow these steps!

  1. Ensure the bot has sufficient permissions to assign roles. (We recommend granting him Administrator, as it will completely eliminate all permission issues.)

  2. Ensure the bot's role (@Custom Command) is above the role you're trying to assign, as well as all the roles the member has. This can be found in Discord's Role Hierachy. Hierarchy example

If those steps fail, feel free to ask a member of our staff on the support serveropen in new window.