Starting with Custom Commands

Creating & Opening editor

  1. Go to Custom Command section in dashboard

  2. Press the create button A Custom Command should get created

  3. Please click on the green pencil to edit the Custom Command


When you first click on the edit button, there will be a Dashboard Tour started!

We highly suggest, NOT skipping through it... It will save you a lot of trouble in the future!


  • Template allows you to clone existing commands and directly setup them (no bot knowledge needed)
  • "You don't have to reinvent the wheel"
  • You can even use template to improve your knowledge about the bot and learn new things!
  • Click here for more info


Our Bot is highly customizable and supports many Discord Actions(events). Down below is a list of all triggertypes with their explanation.

What is a trigger?

A trigger executes a code when a condition is met. Like if you send !!help, it will trigger the help command, since the trigger is the same.

Trigger TypeTriggers when user
WordSends a message
Slash CommandsInteracts with slash commands
On ReactionReacts on a message
On Join/LeaveJoins or Leaves your server
Role add/removeRecieves or Loses a role
ButtonClicks a Discord button
Select MenuInteracts with a Discord Interaction Menu
Modal (Form)Submits a modal or form
Timed or IntervalRepeated or Scheduled Execution
VoiceConnects to or Disconnects from a VC
Channel Create/DeleteA channel is created/ deleted
LibraryCreate A library

As shown above, our bot supports a lot of events! And we're adding more of them!

You can proceed the guide by click the event you want to learn more about or for your need

Finding a Trigger Type

Trigger type: Word

Trigger type: On Reaction

Trigger type: Button

Trigger type: Menu

Trigger type: Slash command

Trigger type: Modal