Creating a Custom Command

Starting with our Bot could be a nightmare without any guidelines.

But not with this guide! We will show, you what each setting does, and how to use it!

Create a new command

Before we start working on our command, we have to create one.

  1. Lets go where all commands are born, the dashboardopen in new window!

  2. Select the desired server to work in

  1. Choose the Custom Command Section

  1. Press the Create Button


On your first visit you will be greeted with a dashboard tour! We highly suggest NOT skipping through it... It will save you a lot of trouble in the future!


A very first part of every command is it's type, an action which will activate your command. It can be selected using this dropdown menu:

Type dropdown

Trigger TypeTriggers when
WordSomeone sends a message
Slash CommandsSomeone uses bot's slash command
On ReactionA message receives a reaction
On Join/LeaveSomeone joins or leaves the server
Role add/removeSomeone recieves or Loses a role
ButtonClicks a bot's button
Select MenuSubmits their choice in a menu
ModalSubmits a modal (form)
Timed or IntervalRepeated or Scheduled Execution
VoiceConnects to or Disconnects from a VC
Channel Create/DeleteA channel is created/deleted
LibraryCreate A library

As shown above, our bot supports a lot of events! And we're constantly adding more!


You can proceed to a guide on specific trigger by clicking the green name of it.


Command type is sometimes not enough to make your command working perfectly. Sometimes you need the action to meet some conditions, for example: a message should be a certain !ping to activate your ping command. This field can be specified using this input field:

trigger input


The value expected greatly depends on the type of your command. We recommend checking documentation of your desired type to know what you can put in this field.

Shh... the green book icon will lead you there


Now as you know how to make a triggered, we can move on to the real meat of a custom command, the code. Code is simply what the bot will do upon triggering. It can be set using this field:

code editor

What should I put there?

The simplest code is just a text which gets sent after triggering. But typing in a plain text is of course not all you can do with CC. Inside the code field you can use various functions, which you can find under Functions tab in this documentation, or in docs built-in the dashboard.


You can find some examples of CC in action in the Tutorials & Examples tab.


Remember to always click the save button after making changes to your command!


Custom Commands allows you to edit a bunch of options, which affect the way your command works. Here's a short explanation of all of them:

SettingDescriptionAppearance in dashboard
Minimum permissionsPermissions user needs to execute the commandMin Perms
Ignored rolesRoles which are prohibitted from accessing this commandIgnore roles
Run only inChannels where using this command is possibleRun only in
Channel UsedChannel where the output will appearChannel used
Cloneable codeIf checked, the command is accessible to anyone by the tokenClonable code
Name fieldName of your command, used for dashboard organizationName field


You do not always have to code every single command by yourself. From the dashboard you get access to a great deal of templates, that can be effortlessly imported and setup easily.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about what templates are, and how to get them, please check the template section.