Sets a cooldown for a command, per channel!


$channelCooldown[time (default is 5s);Error message]

Example 1:

!!exec $channelCooldown[2h;You can get points again after %time%]
$sendMessage[You received 100x points.]
Custom Command Bot 05/28/2024
You can get points again after 1 hour 54 minutes and 56 seconds

Usable Macros In Message :

MacroDescriptionOutput Example
%time%replaced with human readable time5 days 1 hour 54 minutes and 56 seconds
%days%days left5
%hrs%hours left1
%mins%minutes left54
%secs%seconds left56
%timestamp%timestamp in seconds for when cooldown expire1680711176
%relative%uses discord to update itself


You can send embed using Message Curl Format

Related Functions

$cooldown, for a user based cooldown

$serverCooldown, for a server based cooldown


Use this code, on the FIRST line of your code! If you do not, it will execute all code before this line and not after!

Function Difficulty: Easy
Tags: Cooldown Channel Cooldown Raid Limit Raid Limited