Sets a cooldown for a command per user.


$cooldown[time (default 5s);Error message;user id (optional)]

Example 1:

!!exec $cooldown[2h;You can get points again after %time%]
$sendMessage[You received 100x points.]
Custom Command Bot 07/05/2024
You can get points again after 1 hour 54 minutes and 56 seconds

Usable Macros In Message :

MacroDescriptionOutput Example
%time%replaced with human readable time5 days 1 hour 54 minutes and 56 seconds
%days%days left5
%hrs%hours left1
%mins%minutes left54
%secs%seconds left56
%timestamp%timestamp in seconds for when cooldown expire1680711176
%relative%uses discord to update itself


You can send embed using Message Curl Format

Related Functions

$channelCooldown, for a channel based cooldown

$serverCooldown, for a server based cooldown


Use this code, on the FIRST line of your code! If you do not, it will execute all code before this line and not after!

Function difficulty Easy
Tags: Cooldown Wait Raid Limit Raid Limited