Useful Information

This page includes useful Information about the bot and this documentation.


Used Shortcuts

cc -> is a custom command

Function Explanation

What is a parameter?

Parameters are Values, which a Function needs. To understand it let us see the usage of $giveRoles[userid;roleid]

  • Parameter 1 is a userid. a userid is an ID unique to that user. To get the userid we will use another function named $authorID, which returns the id of the executor

  • Parameter 2 is an roleid. To get the roleid, you can copy the id of the role you want to give or use an another function named $roleID[rolename]

Example: $giveRoles[authorid;roleid1;...]

... -> stands for that the func can have more then 1 parameter.Every paramter (in this case roleid ) gets seperated with ;

Example: $random[min;max;allowDecimals (yes/no)(optional, default=no)]

(optional -> this parameter is optional and the default value is no You don't have to provide an optional parameter,if you use the default parameter

Okay, cool... But how do functions even work?


A function is a building block for your code. For example, if you want to send a message, you use a function called $channelSendMessage or $sendMessage. Or if you want to kick a member, you use a function called $kick

Nice, now I understand the basics! How do I proceed?


Now you understand the basic coding components, now we need to choose our trigger

Triggertypegets executed when a user,
WordSends a message
On Join/LeaveJoins or Leaves your server
On ReactionReacts on a message
VoiceConnects to or Disconnects from a VC
Timed or IntervalRepeated or Scheduled Execution
ButtonClicks a Discord button
Role add/removeRecieves or Loses a role
LibraryCreate A library

Fantastic, you made it through the hardest learning curve... Let's proceed

Now we can create our very first command! Let's go to this page